CTSO Corporate Thank you-Angelle M. Casagrande, DDS, MD, PC
To partner with an exceptionally high-achieving professional practitioner to broaden educational
opportunities for low-income children is a blessing beyond measure. Arizona’s CTSO is most grateful for
the participation of Angelle M. Casagrande, DDS, MD, PC as one of our Corporate Partners. With
practices in both Tucson and Sierra Vista, Dr. Casagrande’s continued partnership with CTSO has helped
fund scholarships awarded to students enrolled in our Diocesan schools in both communities. Dr.
Casagrande’s own children attended St. Cyril Catholic School in Tucson. She has made a commitment to
make the same quality education based in values of faith and service accessible to as many deserving
children as possible regardless of economic advantage. THANK YOU, DR. CASAGRANDE!