Scholarship Application



Financial need is determined with the assistance of an independent third-party evaluator, FAIR, Inc.

How to Apply for a CTSO Scholarship

• Parents or legal guardians must complete a FAIR application for a CTSO scholarship. Families need to complete an application each school year and only one application is needed regardless of the number of children enrolled in school. For school year 2018-2019 the application fee is $24.00.
• FAIR applications may be completed online at FAIR (Financial Aid Independent Review). To begin, use School Code 800 and password: ctso800
• Applications are complete when the fee has been paid and supporting financial documents have been submitted. If current financial documents are not available, please submit an Income Verification Form.
• Paper applications may be available at each Catholic School in the Diocese of Tucson or you can request one from CTSO at 520-838-2558.
• CTSO Scholarship deadline for School Year 2018-2019:

Round One is: May 18, 2018

Round Two application deadline: September 28, 2018

Round Three application deadline: March 1, 2019

• Based upon the information you provide in your FAIR application, CTSO will determine your scholarship eligibility.

Applicants for Disabled/Displaced Scholarships:


• Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are now open. Closing date will be determined based upon funds availability.
• Families interested in receiving educational scholarships from Corporate Tax Credit funds for Disabled or Displaced students must complete an Application for D/D Funds, an Income Verification Form, and submit either an IEP, a MET or a 504 Plan at the time of application.
• If the child has been in Arizona’s DCS Foster Care program, a family must also submit a signed Permission to Verify DCS Foster Care Form.
• If an applicant has received Corporate Tax Credit funds for Disabled or Displaced students in a previous year from another certified School Tuition Organization within the State of Arizona, the applicant must also submit a completed Previous Scholarship Verification Form.
• Applications will be considered only after all required documentation has been received by CTSO.

Additional/Emergency Scholarship Funds

• Before applying for Emergency Funds, a family must complete a FAIR application.
• To apply for Emergency Funds, please complete an Emergency Funds Application and attach a statement of need due to an unforeseen event that has resulted in financial hardship.
• Please see the Referral Program section of this website to learn what you can do to increase the amount of scholarship funds available to you. You may use this program to help bridge your financial need.

CTSO 2015/2016 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Highlights

  • $10 million dollars in scholarships to 36 schools with only a 5% operating cost.
  • Over 6,003 scholarships awarded and awarded regardless of race, creed, gender and ethnicity, etc.
  • 76% were minority children and 82% low income families.