Referral Program

Why Referral Program?

Currently CTSO’s scholarships can meet only 50% of of the verified financial need as determined by a third-party evaluator. Participating in the CTSO Referral Plan can increase that percentage.

Purpose of the CTSO Referral Plan:

• Contact as many potential taxpayers/contributors as possible, especially those who may have a state tax liability- (i.e. friends, family, co-workers, neighbors.)

• Give the potential taxpayer/contributor your Referral Plan Number to give to CTSO when they make their dollar-for-dollar tax credit donation.

The CTSO Referral Plan is a useful tool to help families meet tuition needs. This program is available to all families including to those who may have already received scholarships. By registering in the Referral Plan, families can provide taxpayers the opportunity to benefit from Arizona’s Private Tuition Tax Credit, and help families achieve 100 percent of their tuition need.

Many blessings to you and to your family for continued good health and safety.


School Tuition




Award at 50%



School Tuition




Award at 100%


Referral Program Testimonial

“When Claudia and I were initially considering various K-12 educational options for our daughter, she felt an immediate connection and desire to attend St. Cyril School where she has thrived in learning about her faith, discovering true grit and being challenged academically. Participating in CTSO’s Referral Plan helped make this option viable for our family for which we are enormously grateful. Our daughter is now thrilled at prospects for her high school education at Salpointe as she wraps up her K-8 education this year. CTSO is a blessing as well as a remarkable broader community in which to belong.”

-Alex Rodriguez


A school family needs to register only once to obtain a Referral Code. The Code is valid for each child in the family for as long as the student is enrolled in one of our Catholic Schools. The registration process takes a mere five minutes! Register under Create a Profile. Once the parent or guardian has created a profile and received the Referral Code, share this number with family, friends and co-workers who may have a state tax liability. The taxpayer and potential donor then provides this number to CTSO when he or she makes their donation to CTSO. It’s that simple.

Visit the Referral Program Resources for some helpful guides.

How funds are sent to your school(s)

If your family has completed a FAIR, Inc. application you don’t need to do anything else. Referral Plan funds are paid to the schools on a regular basis beginning in August of the school year through May of the school year.

Families who have not completed a Fair, Inc. application, must complete a yearly application along with an income verification form prior to the start of the school year or at any time during the school year.

The forms can be found under the Referral Program Resources tab.

Note: School Tuition Organization cannot award, restrict, or reserve scholarships solely based on a donor’s recommendation. Taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependent.


The more referrals, the greater the need CTSO can address.
The percentage of funding depends on the amount available and the number of applicants applying.

More Funds Available = Bigger % of Funding

For any questions, on the Referral Program:

Erica Otero, Scholarship Program Administrator


Telephone: 520-838-2558

Not registered yet?


If you registered previously but can’t remember your RP#, need to add or change schools, or need to update profile information, please call 520-838-2534 and we will look it up for you. Please do not create another profile.


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