Currently CTSO’s scholarships meet only 50% of the verified financial need as determined by a third-party evaluator. Participation in the CTSO Referral Plan can increase that percentage.

Purpose of the CTSO Referral Plan:

  • To increase contributions to help meet the scholarship recipient needs
  • To increase the current percentage of funding available for families


  • School families need to register to participate in the Referral Plan and to obtain their Referral Plan Number. Register once only and use this same Referral Plan Number each year.
  • Contact as many potential tax payers/contributors as possible, especially those who may have a state tax liability-friends, family, co-workers, neighbors.
  • Give the potential tax payer/contributor your Referral Plan Number to give to CTSO when they make their dollar for dollar tax credit donation.
  • Your unique Referral Plan Number will help CTSO track the funds received through the Referral Plan.
  • Referral Funds will be added to the overall funds available for each school and help increase the percentage of the financial need addressed by CTSO for the verified need.


  • For families who have completed a FAIR application for the current school year. Referral Plan funds will be sent directly to the school(s) you selected when you registered for the Referral Plan.
  • For families who have NOT completed a FAIR application: Please submit a Request for Referral Funds 2019-2020 form and an Income Verification Form. If you submit your forms by July 1, 2019, we will then have them on file for the rest of the school year. If you have not completed a FAIR application, these are the deadlines to submit requests for Referral Plan funds for school year 2019-2020:
  • The deadline to submit a request for Referral Plan funds for school year 2019-2020 is May 1, 2020.

For any questions, on the Referral Plan, please email Julieta Gonzalez at or contact the CTSO office at (520) 838-2534


The more referrals, the greater the need CTSO can address.

The percentage of funding depends on the amount available and the number of applicants applying.

More Funds Available = Bigger % of Funding

Not registered yet?
If you registered previously but can’t remember your RP#, need to add or change schools, or need to update profile information, please call 520-838-2534 and we will look it up for you. Please do not create another profile.