Your Corporation Can Help Low-Income Children be College Ready

Arizona Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO) is an IRS-accredited 501 c.3 non-profit organization and is a state Tuition Organization with State of Arizona. Catholic schools in Arizona provide college ready students. With a 99% graduation rate, and 97% students’ progress to university level studies and go on to become solid contributors to society. Corporate Application.

How Corporations Benefit:

  • Receive a 100% tax credit for every dollar donated.
  • No Cost to your Corporation – Participating corporations just redirect funds they must already pay to the State of Arizona.
  • Corporation are supporting educational opportunities that help impact the future of our workforce and our community.

What Corporations benefit:

  • Any “C” corporation with a tax liability to the State of Arizona.
  • ” S” corporations (regardless of tax liability) can donate and pass a pro rate share of the credit on to their stockholders. The aggregate contribution must be at least $5,000.
  • LLCs taxed as “S” corporations for federal and state purposes are eligible to particpate.
  • Insurance Carriers can redirect their insurance premium tax that is paid to the State of Arizona.

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    “I am proud that my company has could support CTSO through the corporate tax credit program for the past two years, since the expansion of eligible companies. I am excited to be able to support those families in our community in need of assistance.  Families in Arizona have many choices in education, but our catholic schools provide more than an academic education. They build the moral character of their students and embrace them as members of our school communities. I have been overwhelmed by how strong this sense of community is in southern Arizona.”

    -Robert Huber, Huber CPA